Fishtail Braid with Hair Extensions

This hairstyle works best on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed. We found the hair is easier to work with when it’s a few days “old.”

If your hair has a bit of a wave in it, even better! We personally love having a little curl at the bottom.


  • Divide hair into two sections
  • Begin to braid by pulling a small section of hair from the outside of one side, to the inside of the other, then repeat on the other side twice
  • Start to pull pieces from the bottom hair into the top hair as you braid down (making it a French fishtail) and repeat this step twice
  • When you are close to the bottom of the hair, turn the braid to the front/side, then continue braiding until you’ve pulled all the bottom hair into the braid


Once the hair is all put in, continue with a traditional fishtail, pulling the outside of one piece into the inside of the other.


Finish with a hair band, then go back and pull the braid out a little to make it look fuller. Add additional body to the top of your hair by pulling it out and up, just a little at the roots.

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