Fall Hair Trends 2016

Extensions sometimes get a bad rap. Bad extensions paint a picture of D-list movie stars, over-the-top reality TV personalities, and tacky side girls. In other words, cheesy and fake-looking. But nothing can be further from the truth.

When done properly, extensions are tasteful and natural-looking. They are a perfect way to change your look and they offer immediate gratification. Extensions give you the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles without the commitment. Not just for length, extensions can help amp up the volume on thin, limp hair, or let you experiment with texture, hair knots, or a long, thick ponytail, all of which are right on trend for fall 2016.

So are you ready for the fall trends?! There are some pretty outrageous styles coming off of the runway. One thing is for sure – everyone from Alexander McQueen to Kate Spade is making hair the star of the show.

Hot trend #1 – Marcel Waves.

You guys, they are honestly everywhere right now. If you’re not sure what Marcel waves are by name, you will know them to see them. Think of old school flapper girls, circa 1920. For this look you will want to make a deep side part and work product (ie; gel or pomade) through the front. Take your comb and shape your hair around your face in an “S” configuration. Clip or pin the curves to set them. Once set, remove the pins and mist with hairspray.

Hot trend #2 – Bed head (messy waves)

It’s true – waves are in but they are far from the smooth, cutesy ones we saw previously. To illustrate my point a little further, a hairstylist at BCBG recently created fake cowlicks on a runway model using a mini flat iron. Her waves were pulled down and ”shook” to complete the look. There are obviously variations and different levels of dishevelment, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, but overall we are sort of loving this soft, cool, and sexy trend (P.S. – this looks super amazing under an oversized toque!).

Hot trend #3 – Hair knots

We are definitely crushing on the hair knots – and what a fun way to style your hair extensions! Knots vary, as do most hair styles, but the trends right now point to being not overly intricate, and très chic.We are seeing messy loops and equestrian inspired as well as sleek chignons. We think they are perfect for holiday parties and events, and transition really well from day to night. Check out the pic below of a double knot. What do you think?

Hot trend #4 – The 80’s

It seems designers are grabbing inspiration from several decades for fall 2016; we weren’t too surprised to see the return of the perm, and the infamous big teased and flipped bangs. Yes. I am serious. Stylists have certainly breathed new life into these old favourites and while they have definitely been improved upon, I’m not sure this one is one of my favourites. Would you rock a modern flip-bang?

Which fall trends do you love this season? Let us know in the comments section!

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