Halloween Costumes that will cost you virtually nothing!

Still not sure what to be for Halloween? Why not plan this year’s costume around your hair?!

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make a big impact. We know all eyes will be on you this Hallows’ Eve with your mane shining bright in the spotlight.

How adorable is this one? Simple, cute, and suitable for all ages and most hair types. The best part? You’ll only need a couple of hair ties, clips, and basic makeup to pull this look off.

Harley Quinn
This hair will require a little more time and attention, but the result is unmistakable. Pull your do’ up into pigtails, throw on a baby doll tee, smear your makeup, and Bam! You’re Harley. For a softer version of this look, try some hair chalk.

I’m not going to lie; this would not be the easiest look to recreate. I don’t even know what she is supposed to be but I freaking LOVE this look. Let’s call it, “the enchantress.” If you happen to have a little time, and/or talent, there would be virtually no cost to this seriously show stopping and unique look. Unlike Harley Quinn, you know no one else is going to be dressed like this!

This is STUNNING! Forget Halloween, I want to look like this every damn day! To channel your inner lioness, just tease your hair back, use a lot of hairspray, and throw as much glitter at it as you can handle. Minimal makeup and you’re ready for an unforgettable night on the town!

Wednesday Addams. If you have long dark hair and no money for a costume – Wednesday has got you covered. Instantly recognizable, she’s another good option for all ages. Plus, if you don’t want to wear much makeup, how great is this?

Have a safe and happy Halloween! Comment below, or better yet, add a photo of yourself before you head out trick or treating. 😉

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