Why do my Hair Extensions Itch?

Maybe you just got your extensions put in and all of a sudden your scalp is extremely itchy. Don’t panic! This can be completely normal, especially if you’re new to extensions. We’re going to cover a list of possible reasons why this can happen and what you can do about it.


1) Your Scalp is Adjusting to the Extensions

Remember, you’ve just added more hair to your scalp and your head needs time to adjust. Your scalp is used to producing a certain amount of oil to nourish itself, and now that you’ve added a lot more hair, it needs time to find the right balance again. This usually happens somewhere between week two and three, so don’t worry — it will go away. What you can do in the meantime to reduce the itch is to use a dry-scalp shampoo. The good thing about this is it only happens to extension newbies.

2) You’re Due for a Touch-up

If you’ve been wearing your extensions for some time and they are starting to grow out, you may notice your head getting a little itchier. This is caused by a couple things. Firstly, when you’re wearing extensions, all the hair that you would naturally shed is caught in the bond or bead that is holding the extension in your hair. A buildup of these shed hairs can cause slight irritation to your scalp. The second reason is that when the extensions grow out they are hanging more which causes increased stress on your scalp. If you are experiencing this, you should schedule a touch-up visit with your stylist. During a touch-up appointment, your stylist will brush out the shed hair and readjust the extensions so that they aren’t hanging so far from your scalp.

3) Product Buildup

If you aren’t properly washing or rinsing your hair, you can experience product buildup on your scalp and extensions. This can be easily corrected with a good shampoo and rinse. When you’re washing your hair extensions, resist the urge to vigorously scrub them! Instead, gently massage shampoo (using your fingertips) between all the extensions and onto your scalp, making sure to rinse your hair very well.

4) An Allergic Reaction

This is rare but can happen. It usually occurs with the bead types of hair extensions (micro-bead, copper tubes and loop and lock). The beads that are used to attach the extensions are made of metal, and people with an allergy to metal can have a reaction. The best thing to do in this situation is to have the extensions removed. These individuals can still have extensions, but will want to use a non-bead method such as Fusion or tape-ins.

5) Sensitive Scalp

If you are experiencing itchiness in certain spots on your head (as opposed to your entire head) you probably have a sensitive area on your scalp. This is most common around the nape of the neck. If the irritation/itchiness lasts for more than a few days, we would suggest seeing your stylist. In most cases they can just move the few extensions that are bugging you to a new area and your scalp will instantly feel better.

If you have tried to resolve the issue on your own and you are still experiencing irritation, you should always contact your stylist. They will be able to take a good look at your scalp and make the proper recommendation.


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