Which Hair Extensions Last the Longest?

There are two key factors you will want to consider if you’re looking for long-lasting hair extensions. Firstly, you will want to make sure you are choosing a reusable method. That way, the extensions can be re-tightened as your hair grows out.

Secondly, you will need an absolutely superb quality of hair. It won’t matter if you purchase reusable extensions if the hair is cheap and bad quality. I can guarantee that you will end up throwing the hair out a couple months after wear because it will tangle and become unmanageable.

Let me explain exactly what to look for so that you can get longer-lasting and great-looking hair extensions.

1) Choose a reusable method

Reusable methods allow the extensions to be installed, or, re-tightened, multiple times. This is important because extensions should only be worn up to three months without maintenance. After three months, they will need to be reapplied closer to the scalp to avoid damage. Most beading methods are reusable (microbead or nanobead, micro-link weft). Tape extensions can be reapplied by using new tape strips, and sew-in extensions (sew in weft) can be removed and reattached. Extensions that can’t be reused are any type of fusion or bonded extension, because when they are removed the bond is destroyed by the removal solution.

The nice part about reusable extensions is that you buy the hair once (the most expensive part). Afterwards, you only pay to have them maintained. You can also choose to have your extensions taken out, save the hair, then have it reinstalled whenever you like.

Once you have decided on the type of hair extensions you’d like, the next thing to consider is the quality of the hair.

2) Choose high quality, long lasting hair

This is critical and I cannot stress enough how important getting good quality hair is. Good quality hair last five to six times longer than cheap hair, plus it is easier to style, maintain, and it looks a whole lot better! Purchasing cheap hair is going to cost you way more money in the long run. You will have to keep buying new hair (every two to three months) instead of only paying to have the hair re-tightened.

So how do you know what good quality hair is? The unfortunate thing is, is that there is no one grading system for hair extensions. You may hear the term 5 star or 7A or True Remy. All these terms can be used by anyone, so don’t believe everything you read or see.

The best indicator of good quality hair is the % of cuticle left on the hair. Read the product description to see if they mention cuticle percentage, and if they don’t, you can be pretty sure its 0% or very low. Never get hair that has 0 to 50% cuticle! 60-80% is good (acceptable) quality, but I always suggest 90-100% cuticle. Also, the term “virgin” usually indicates there has been no processing to the cuticle. This means the hair cuticle is healthy.

So remember: look for the terms 100% cuticle human hair, virgin cuticle hair, European virgin human hair, Indian virgin human hair, etc.

Hopefully this article has given you enough information to be able to choose hair extensions that last the longest and will look fantastic for a long period of time.

If you have any more questions, please ask!

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