Dry Shampoo Product Reviews and our Best Tips for Using It

If you are anything like me, you would be lost without a little bottle of sunshine, better known as dry shampoo. It changes everything! This gem of an invention allows you to keep your hair looking fresh and clean, even if you haven’t washed your hair in days! Plus, it gives your hair a boost of volume and texture.

What you probably don’t know about dry shampoo is that there is a specific way to use it. Let me enlighten you.

I’ve tested several brands of dry shampoo over the past couple of months. You should know a couple of things before I get into the results. First, I left my hair for five days without washing or dry shampooing (I dry shampooed on the sixth day) because I wanted the dry shampoo to have to work for my money. Secondly, I had used product in my hair in the days leading up to the dry wash (hairspray, serums, etc.). Plus, I’m really bad for touching/playing with my hair, which only adds more oily grossness.

I found that Nexxus and Joico were a little less “chalky” than some of the other dry shampoos, and were pretty even as far as “refreshing” my hair was concerned. I found they did the best job of making my greasy hair feel clean.

Batiste. I have been using this brand the longest (before I started this research project) so maybe I’m a bit biased. However, for the price and variety, and most importantly, the results, I find this one hard to beat. And their scents alone make my heart smile. The best.

TRESemmé, Pantene, Suave, Redken, Bedhead and Got2 Be were the others I experimented with. Aside from scent, I didn’t notice much, if any, difference as far as results are concerned.

Professional Tip #1

If you already know you’re going to be dry shampooing the next day, do it the night before instead and sleep with it in. The results are SO much better this way. If this isn’t possible, you should let it sit in your hair untouched for at least 5-10 minutes before you massage it in.

Professional Tip #2

If you put too much dry shampoo in your hair, briefly put the blow dryer through it.

Professional Tip #3

Once you’ve massaged the dry shampoo into your hair, try not to touch it — your fingers will make it greasy again.

Professional Tip #4

A natural bristle brush is better with dry shampoo because it helps work in the formula in a much more effective way.

Professional Tip #5

Don’t waste your dry shampoo – you only need to spray your roots. Part to each side, spray the roots, and do the same in the front and back.

We highly recommend using dry shampoo with our hair extensions. By utilizing these tips you will not only require less time to shampoo, you will actually be promoting the health and wellness of your hair, and you’ll be extending the life of your hair extensions.

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Do you have any dry shampoo tips? Share below!

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