Make a huge impact with your hair this holiday season – for free!

Sure, putting on a new dress, glamming out on your makeup, or stepping into those amazing – er, uncomfortable – stilettos, can make you feel like a million bucks, and all ready to conquer the night, but we think your hair deserves the spotlight every once in a while.

Check out these unique head-turning, spotlight-stealing ‘dos that will definitely get people talking and pulses racing. Best of all, these styles will cost you virtually nothing, and you’ve gotta like that! We hope you enjoy.

Hair Bows

Depending on your skill level, you can create look “A” using any ribbon you like, and fashion it into a bow using hot glue and a clip for the back. Voila!

If you are less crafty but more talented with styling your hair, then look “B” may be more suited for you. If you love look “B” but are afraid it’ll be too difficult to recreate, fear not! There are plenty of great tutorials like this one to help you succeed.


I am not normally one to go for tinsel extensions or glitter-part types of trends, but when I saw this I thought it was not only really pretty and different, but also so easy and inexpensive! Cute, right?!

If you hate the idea of anything being adhered to your hair, try some awesome and easy DIY star hair bands! Similar look and super inexpensive!

Candy Cane

Have light coloured hair, and some pink or red chalk kickin’ around? Well my friends, that sounds like the perfect recipe for some delicious candy cane inspired hair (as worn above by the ever trendy Gwen Stefani)!

Deck your hair with boughs of holly…

Did you start singing “fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la?” Sorry about that.

What we aren’t sorry about is this soft, feminine, holiday look. Oh, those loose curls, and that braid, with the holly embellishment! This is something you could find at any shop that sells artificial flowers or Christmas crafts. Again, you would need some bobby pins or hair clips and hot glue to pull it all together. Of course you could always try the look with real holly — it is inexpensive but be warned: the leaves are sharp!


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