Weddings and Hair Extensions: What you need to know

I don’t mean to be hating on clip-ins, I really don’t – just needed to clear the air before I delve deeper into this blog. In my opinion, clip-ins are novel and should only really be used as an accessory: pops of colour, or fun little additions in your beauty regime once in a blue moon.

Certainly NOT on the biggest day of your life; your wedding.

You know how when you see your mother’s, or auntie’s, or even older sister’s and cousin’s, wedding photos, you say to yourself, “what were they thinking?” – well guess what? At the time, they thought they looked good. Their friends and family thought they looked good. Shops and salons supplied them with their “ammunition.” Don’t let this happen to you.

“But Jenn, I need voluptuous, long, silky, luxurious hair on my big day.” Girl, I feel you! But there is a much better option than clip-ins. Let me explain why clip-ins should be a no-no for your wedding, and a no-no for most other situations too!

1) Clip-in extensions are not suitable for the pool, the beach, scuba diving, snorkeling, any activity that you would wear a helmet (zip-lining, horseback riding, etc.) (because ouch!),  roller coasters, boating, working out at the gym, going to a club or dancing – or basically anywhere you will be in very close proximity to other people – definitely ups the chance you have them accidentally pulled out.

2) They hurt your head if you wear them all day. You’ll notice your scalp start to hurt where the clips are, similar to how your head hurts if your headband or ponytail is too tight. Add the weight of the hair to that clip and it’s only a matter of time before your head is throbbing.

3) With an average of 7 pieces per package, it can be difficult to remember which piece goes where on your head. Even if you do, that’s not necessarily a good thing: if worn too much in the same spot, clips will cause breakage at the root and create little bald patches.

4) You do not sleep with them in. So you know that hot date that just got taken to the next level? Yeah… awkward.

5) It’s very possible they will slide out of position. The thinner or finer your hair is, the more likely this is to happen. Also, they fall out easily.

6) Visibility of the clips: if the hair is moved (the wind, your hands, etc.)  the clips become very noticeable, or even moved from their original position.

Recommendation: Hair Flair’s Nano-Link Extensions

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1. Lightweight and Comfortable
They are 90% smaller than other ring systems, so they are very comfortable to wear. After a couple days you won’t even know they are there! For brides and bridal parties, we recommend getting them installed two weeks prior to your wedding.

2. Suitable For Even the Thinnest Hair
Due to their extremely small nature, these extensions are ideal for thin and short hair. They can also be used to hide medical hair problems.

3. Reusable & Affordable
Buy it once and reuse it over and over again! Have the hair installed multiple times. These extensions last up to a year, which saves you money in the long run!

4. Safe & Innovative Technology
The links are incredibly small and flexible, allowing your hair to move freely with no stress applied to the hair follicle. That means no pulling! This is extremely important for people that have thin and delicate hair. Having regular maintenance appointments ensures that your hair stays healthy and that no damage is done.

5. Greater Styling Possibilities
Only high quality human hair is used in these extensions, making them look and feel completely natural. You can use your straightener, curling iron and other styling tools like normal. You will find the hair holds its style extremely well even without lots of styling product. The hair does not get oily like your natural hair so you can wash a lot less, saving you time and allowing your natural hair to grow out healthier.

For unforgettable naturally gorgeous hair (extensions) on your wedding day, make an educated choice.

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