Combating Hair Loss After Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, you hear rumours about pregnancy changing your hair, but you may never hear the uglier truth: that childbirth can cause hair loss in 40 to 50% of women!

The body and its hormones are a wild and wonderful thing, and turns out that hair growth is very connected to hormonal changes. During pregnancy, you’ve got loads of extra estrogen floating around, helping you to grow that baby properly. Along the way, that lovely lady hormone will make your locks extra luscious, and you’ll be thanking the gods you got knocked up.

Then, once you push the kid out, things start to go back to normal. That excess estrogen says “see ya” because you don’t need it anymore, which seems fine, until your body goes into withdrawal and your hairs freak out and just freeze in place for a while. The scientific term for this is telogen effluvium.

Normally, hair goes through three phases in its growth cycle:

  1. Anagen – growth
  2. Catagen – transition
  3. Telogen – resting

A hair follicle will stay in the telogen state until there is a new hair in its anagen state ready to push into its place.

But when hormones fluctuate drastically (which can happen for a variety of reasons, not just childbirth), hair follicles will stay in that resting phase for months, or sometimes indefinitely. With childbirth, the shedding phase usually lasts 6 to 12 months, and the texture and colour of your hair may change, but all of this is usually temporary.

Hair Flair can help you battle hair loss after pregnancy

The best part of hair loss after childbirth is that it gives you a great excuse to get extensions! Maybe don’t tell your husband we gave you that idea…

Seriously though, if you’re feeling like your hair is embarrassingly thin and you just need a boost until you get past that telogen effluvium stage, our Nano-Link hair extensions are an excellent option for you.

They’re so small they can hide in even the finest, shortest hair (we need only a few inches to work with), and so light they won’t damage your remaining hair. Plus, while you’re flaunting your (artificially) luscious locks to the world, your natural hair will be doing its thing behind the scenes, and within the year you should be back to normal. You may decide at that point you won’t need us anymore, but we should warn you that you just might get hooked. #sorrynotsorry

Your first step is to contact us for a consultation and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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