When Extensions are Your Best Solution for Medical Hair Loss

So you’re experiencing some hair loss. You may not have accepted it yet, but you know it’s happening. And you’re wondering what your options are to fit in and continue to feel confident and beautiful. You may have heard about hair extensions but aren’t sure if they’re going to work for you or if they might be a bad idea.


Let’s talk. There are surgical options, but they’re expensive and painful and there’s healing time and results are not guaranteed. There are non-surgical options such as laser light therapy and steroid creams that try to stimulate hair regrowth, some of which work, but again, results are not guaranteed and all of them take time.

Then there are wigs. These have got to be the most well-known and accessible solution for anyone wanting to quickly switch up their hair look. But before you slap down your credit card at the nearest wig shop, there are some things to consider:

  • Real human hair wigs (do you really want to wear any other kind?!) are rather pricey ($1000 – $5000) (Synthetic wigs tend to cost $100 – $500) (Note: Some insurance companies will cover wigs and other hair prosthetics for medical reasons)
  • A proper-fitting wig should be shaped to your head, which requires a couple of consultations and wait time
  • Wigs (especially lower-quality ones) won’t allow your scalp or natural hair to breathe, which leads to sweating and itching and can exacerbate hair loss
  • Chances are the hair won’t feel quite like your natural hair
  • At the end of the day (and usually to shower and swim and work out, etc.), you’ll have to take your hair off. Some people are happy to be able to do that, but others say they just don’t feel like themselves when they have to put their hair on and take it off; when they don’t feel as if their hair is actually a part of them

In some cases, your options may be limited. For example, if your hair loss is extensive enough that you have no hair or very little hair on the parts of your head where pieces can be attached, you may have to resort to a wig or try hair regrowth options.

If you think a wig is your only option, don’t despair. There are benefits, too!

  • Synthetic hair wigs have “memory” – style them once and you’re good to go
  • No bedhead!
  • Get up and get out the door quickly because your hair is already styled
  • You might like your wig more than your natural hair

That all being said, we think Nano-link hair extensions are the best solution for many types of medical hair loss, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Extensions are semi-permanent
    • You don’t have to change them every day, and you don’t have to keep them forever – it’s a happy medium!
  • You get great hair in one day
    • No waiting for fittings or surgeries – come in for an appointment and in a few hours, walk away with a full head of hair!
  • Heat-style along with your natural hair
    • Besides taking a bit of care around where your extensions are attached, our (100% cuticle intact European Remy hair) extensions will blend in with your natural hair and you can curl and blow dry and straighten to your heart’s content
  • Tiny and light
    • Nano-link extensions are the most inconspicuous option on the market
    • They are so small they are almost invisible even in very fine hair
    • At 0.8 grams per strand, they are the lightest option out there, and therefore cause the least amount of strain on your natural hair of any extension variety
  • Your hair grows back but you don’t have to have an awkward in-between phase
    • That’s right – with Nanos in, your hair will look long and luscious even while it’s in that weird grow-out stage

We could go on, but you get the picture. The bottom line for us is that extensions allow our hair loss clients to look good and feel confident quickly and affordably.


Read all of our top 10 reasons why we recommend Nano-links for hair loss clients on our website.

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