Toppers vs. Wigs

If you haven’t heard of toppers yet, get ready to thank us.

Toppers, or top closures, or postiches/partials, are hair pieces that add volume to the top of your head only. They are related to wigs in that they are made of human or synthetic hair sewn onto lace or silk, but toppers are specifically intended to hide thinning and balding at the crown of your head, or to make your weave look more natural. They can be attached to your natural hair with clips, glue, or tape, but the very best ones use clips.


Just like wigs, toppers come in all shades and textures of hair, and there is a range of quality available, from cheap synthetics to uber pricey custom human hair pieces.

Before we get into why we love toppers, here are some reasons you might decide to go with a wig instead:

  • Your hair loss is extensive
  • Your natural hair is too fragile or thin to clip a topper to
  • You don’t want to have to worry about your natural hair showing, or styling your natural hair

If you feel like your natural hair could use a bit of help but you’re not sure about going the wig route, a top closure might be a great option.

Here are some of the things we love about toppers:

  • They incorporate with your natural hair
  • Your natural hair can still breathe and grow
  • Much more affordable than a wig
  • They can be dyed and styled to match your natural hair
  • Not necessary to get one customized to your head shape like you do with a wig
  • No sewing in is necessary – simply clip them into place
  • Very quick to install
  • A great solution for female pattern hair loss because they disguise the crown and top of the head in a way that extensions can’t
  • Anyone can use a topper
  • They can be used together with extensions
  • Va-va-voom, baby (hello, volume!!)

And, if you suffer from scalp psoriasis and have scabs or scaly patches along your hair line, you may find there’s not a whole lot of options for you other than a scarf or a hat. The rest of your hair might look okay, but there’s that one patch on your forehead you can’t seem to hide… well, maybe a topper can help!

Like extensions, the cheap-o varieties are available all kinds of places (eBay,, etc.), but we’d recommend doing your research… or consulting a professional you trust who has done their research.

That includes Hair Flair! As of winter 2017, we now offer top closure hair pieces to our clients, in addition to our other services.


If you have further questions about toppers, drop us a line and we’ll give you the down-low.

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