Don’t Believe the Rumours About Hair Extensions and Medical Hair Loss

You start noticing more hairs than usual on your hairbrush. And in the shower. And even on your pillow – that’s a new one! You might see a whole clump of hair somewhere other than on your head where it should be. Or even catch a glimpse in the mirror of a bald (really? You’re too young for that word) patch of scalp.


“What is this?!” you wonder. So you hit up Google. Sooner than you’d like, you realize it’s what they call “hair loss.” That can’t be right. You, lose your hair? No freaking way.

Then you wonder what others have done to deal with their own hair loss. You toss out the idea of surgery – too painful and expensive. Medications seem like a slow crap shoot. Wigs might be an option… but you haven’t lost all your hair, just some! Plus, the good ones are hella expensive.

Before long, you stumble across the idea of hair extensions, and you get really excited about that. No needles or medications necessary! No hair-killing wigs! A few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand! Full head of hair in one session! And no one has to be the wiser!

But then you read comment after comment about hair loss sufferers who have had bad experiences with extensions, or web page after web page that suggest you should avoid hair extensions if you’re experiencing hair loss, and you start to feel desperate again: how are you possibly going to weather this major life change with your self-image intact?

Okay, hold up right there. Sorry, but we can’t let you despair any longer. As hair extension professionals, we feel like we owe it to you to tell you that extensions can be your best solution for hair loss! Say what?!

You heard us. Extensions might be your best solution for hair loss.

Let us explain

First, not all extensions are created equal. There are several different types of hair extensions out there. Some of them we would only recommend for short periods of time, like a special event that lasts an evening or a weekend. Some are truly awful quality and will undoubtedly lead to matting and damage to your natural hair.

Second, hair extensions are a relatively new phenomenon, and many hair professionals have not yet received training in proper installation methods. Improper installation can turn good extensions bad real quick.

Third, extensions do have to be maintained properly. No, it’s not rocket science, but you DO have to take some care with them.

That all being said, there’s very little information out there about our favourite type of hair extensions: Nanos. Nano-link extensions were invented with hair loss sufferers like you in mind! They’re so tiny they’re virtually invisible, and at 0.8 grams/strand, they are the lightest option on the market right now.


With Nanos, most of what you have heard about extensions for hair loss goes out the window

Rumour: Extensions will exacerbate breakage

Truth: Any improperly installed extension can further damage your hair. But properly installed and maintained Nano-link extensions won’t.

Rumour: Extensions may further irritate an already irritated scalp.

Truth: It’s possible your scalp could be too irritated for us to recommend installing extensions, but chances are that having extensions installed may be the best way for you to carry on with life as usual while your irritation heals and your natural hair grows back.

Rumour: Removing hair extensions will cause further hair loss

Truth: Again, extensions should always be handled by trained professionals. Improper removal, like improper installation, could damage your natural hair. But in our experience, damage is the exception, not the rule.

Rumour: Extensions are difficult to install in a way that does not cause further damage or result in extensions falling out.

Truth: Who are these stylists?! This is straight-up rubbish. We’re getting to be like a broken record now: get your  extensions installed by trained professionals (like us!) and this stuff will not happen.

Rumour: Extensions may adversely affect hair growth

Truth: Nano-link extensions were made to allow your hair and scalp to breathe and your natural hair to grow back. We have example after example of hair loss clients where this is true. So just don’t believe it!

Rumour: The adhesive used for some kinds of extensions can irritate the scalp.

Truth: Yep, we believe this is likely if not definitely fact. That’s part of why we do not recommend, sell, or install any type of hair extension that requires an adhesive. And, for any client with fine, thin, or damaged hair, we only recommend Nano-link extensions.

These are not the only myths out there about hair extensions. We think people ought to know the truth, so we have a web page dedicated to clearing up some myths, and also to declaring all the reasons we think hair extensions are a great solution for hair loss.

Still not sure whether extensions are an option for you with your hair loss situation? Contact us for a consultation and we can chat.

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