How Extensions Can Save Your Hair

The hair world is split between those who insist the use of hair extensions is an effective, and powerful tool for growing their own hair to super long lengths, and those who angrily swear that extensions are the very reason that they are seeing damaged hair in the first place. The thing is, both sides are right. Many women have successfully grown their hair several inches in a year with the help of extensions, while others have experienced extensive breakage and bald patches.

We at Hair Flair Extensions know that properly maintained high quality hair extensions, installed by a certified professional, can serve a very useful purpose: not only for style, but to help grow your hair out strong and healthy.

Our hair extensions allow you to give your own hair a rest from excessive heat, pulling, combing, colouring, and lightening. Your extensions will take the brunt of the abuse, giving your natural hair time to repair and restore itself.

If you are interested in growing longer, healthier hair with extensions, please read on.

Research! Research! Research! Find an experienced stylist with a great reputation. If you choose a new stylist, choose one who’s knowledgeable about properly installing extensions, and who understands the importance of keeping your hair healthy underneath the install. Don’t go for the cheapest person merely because they’re the cheapest. If you end up experiencing damage, it could end up being the most costly “cheap” hairstyle of your entire life.

Do make sure that the extensions are not installed too tightly. With Nano link extensions, the stylist should make sure that the base is fastened securely, but you should not feel any pain once it’s in place. The area where the extension first meets the scalp should be secure but should not be pulled taut. You could damage the follicles, and end up with Traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia is hair loss that’s associated with hairstyles that are too tight, ripping your hair out from the roots and damaging the follicles.

Top 4 PROVEN ways our extensions will help your hair

1. Wash your hair less


If you have thin hair, you are probably washing it every day, stripping your hair of the natural oils it needs. With extensions, you will only need to wash your hair one or twice per week as your hair will not fall as flat or get as oily – you’ll have more hair absorbing the oil.

2. Colour your hair less


Most blondes have trouble growing their hair out because of over-processing and constant highlights and bleaching. With our extensions, you can let the hair underneath grow out with its natural colour because the blonde extensions will cover the regrowth, allowing you to minimize the bleach to your crown area and giving the rest a break.

3. Less Styling


Extensions style really well and hold the style for days. Less washing equates to less blow drying, curling, and flat ironing. Also, when you do heat style your hair, you can focus on the ends, which would be the extensions.

4. Add highlights and colour without bleaching your hair


Maybe you’re a brunette and want highlights but don’t want to bleach your hair – simply add highlights with extensions! Extensions are also an excellent way to go ombre or balayage.

Don’t neglect your own hair underneath the extensions no matter how tempting it is to just “let it go” because “it’s covered.” Make sure to go to your maintenance appointments, and listen to your extension technician’s after care instructions and advice. Knowing the do’s and don’ts, going with a reputable stylist, choosing quality hair, and safe installation methods can virtually guarantee that before you know it, your hair will be growing fuller, healthier, and longer.

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