10 Free Marketing Ideas for your Hair Extension Business

You have probably already started with your family and circle of friends, but you will want to expand your reach to new customers to keep your business growing. To do this, you need to market your business.

We have compiled a list of our favourite free marketing tips that you can start to utilize right away.

1: Google My Business

marketing-tips-for-a-hair-extension-businessGet set up on Google My Business https://www.google.com/business

  • It’s completely free
  • It’s how you get onto Google Maps
  • If you’re listed, when people Google hair extensions in your area, your business should show up with your contact information
2: Facebook business page


  • Use clear and high-quality cover and profile images
  • Make sure to have contact information (phone number, email address)
  • Share useful content (how-to videos, product suggestions, etc) more often than you promote your own services
  • Make sure to add your location so that customers in your area can find you
3: Set up an Instagram account for your business


  • Use high-quality pictures and videos
  • Connect your account with your business Facebook page
  • Follow other beauty businesses in your area to get ideas for local hashtags
  • Use hashtags on every post
4: Team up with other local businesses
  • Create packages that will help your client, for example team up with a makeup artist to offer a bridal or prom package
  • Other partnership ideas would be photographers, fitness shows,
  • Go to networking events, bridal shows, mom shows
5: Referrals
  • If you have hairdresser or makeup artist friends, ask them to refer clients to you (consider compensating them a percentage of each sale they bring you)
  • In exchange, you will refer clients to them as well
  • Ask to leave your business cards or other promotional material at their businesses and in exchange
6: Videos


You will get more attention with video content on your social media. Ideas include how-tos, show a client install, before and after videos, etc.

  • Live video such as Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Periscope, Snapchat
  • Pre-recorded video like YouTube
7: Start conversations on Twitter


  • Connect with beauty biz bloggers, biz owners, top brands, and of course, any followers that are posting interesting content
  • Use a couple of relevant hashtags
  • Use images – they get re-tweeted more often than tweets without images
8: Home parties

Know someone who’s having a beauty-themed home party (Younique, Aloette, Arbonne, etc.)? Offer to demonstrate hair extensions to increase the appeal for guests.

9: Free online directories, classifieds, etc.
10: Write blog articles
  • Even if you don’t have a website, you can create blog articles with content your potential clients might be interested in and ask other local businesses that have the same clients to post them on their websites
  • Post a note to your Facebook business page

  • Marketing can be a lot of work but it is one of those things that pays off in the end
  • The most important thing is that you’re out there, with accurate contact information!

Good luck!

have a great hair day

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