5 signs that Nano Extensions Need Retipping

Its common that after extensive wear the nanolink bond will eventually start to break down.  It is important as a hair extension technician to identify when a bond is starting to breakdown. We have compiled a list that will let you know if a bond needs retipping.

5 Signs that a nano bond needs retipping:
  1. Has the bond turned white (easy to tell in dark hair)what-are-the-signs-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped
  2. Is the hair fraying from the top of the bondtips-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped
  3. Is the bond disintegrating and not fully sealedtips-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped
  4. Is the client complaining that the hair is shedding a lottips-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped
  5. Is the metal post wobbly and not being held in strongly by the bondtips-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped

If you notice any of these conditions it should alert you that you need to retip the bond before reinstalling the extension. If you need to know how to properly retip a nano extension you can read how to do so here.

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