How to build speed and get faster at installing hair extensions

Something you should always consider is how fast you are at installing, performing maintenance, and removing extensions. No client wants to spend 5 hours getting her extensions maintained and the longer you take the less money you are able to make. You may also lose clients if they know there is someone else faster than you.
It does take experience and focus to build speed so when your first starting out its more important that you concentrate on proper sectioning and blending. Once you have a few heads under your belt proper sectioning should be second nature to you and then you can start focusing on becoming quicker.

We have compiled our top 5 tips on how to build speed.

1. Have your client pass you the hair extensions.
Its so simple to give your client the hair extensions and pass them to you one at a time. This becomes very useful when your mixing colours as you can tell your client to pass you one light blonde than two medium blondes. Then you are not trying to remember which colour your on and you dont have to fuss with picking up one extension at a time. Another positive is that it gives the client something to do and in turn will make the appointment go faster for the as well.

2. Hold all your tools in one hand and don’t put them down between each extension. When I’m installing nanolinks I will hold the pliers, the loop tool and the extension all in one hand. This saves me considerable time. If you are finding it too hard you can try hooking your pliers on your shirt or pants or have a trolley very close by to put it on. The less time you spend fiddling with your tools the quicker you’ll become


3. Use prebeaded speed threaders Before your client arrives you should have all your beads already threaded and ready to go. We have prebeaded threaders available which you can get here. Or you can thread your own at home. I always have at least 4 threaders in each bead colour ready. Your client doesn’t need to sit there while you thread beads



4. Focus  The biggest error I see with new extension artists is that they lose focus when talking to their client. As soon as they start talking their speed drops way down. Of course you want to be friendly and engaging in conversation but you need to multitask and stay focused on what your doing.

5. Practice Even if you dont have paying clients yet you should be practicing on your mannequin head daily. And even once you start doing clients there may be days in between services, you should use these days off to practice building speed. The more you practice the faster youll become and soon you wont have to even think about what your doing it will become second nature to you.


With every appointment you should time yourself and aim to get quicker and quicker. Once you know how long each service takes it will make scheduling appointments much easier. Take a look below to see how your time matches up with our suggested time frames.

You should aim for the following times:

NanoLink and Microlink Times
A full head installation (5 bundles) 1-1.5 hour
Half head install (3 bundles) 45 mins to an hour
Removal 30-45 mins
Touch ups can range depending on if you need to retip or detangle hair but should never take more than 2 hours

Fusion extension time goals
Full head 2-2.5 hours
Half head install 1-1.5 hours
Removal 30 mins to an hour


have a great hair day


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