Hair Extension Inventory

Do I need to keep an inventory?

Aside from the cost of taking the course, the biggest investment you need to make is that of a decent inventory. Yes, need.

In a perfect world, a client comes in, you match them with your colour ring, and they agree to come back in about two weeks for their appointment. Then you log on to, you purchase your extensions, and they arrive a week before the client is due to come back.

Now in reality, the client has probably messaged several other people looking for A) a good price, and B) an appointment. Because once girls commit in their minds that they are willing to invest in extensions, excitement sets in and they want them now.  You need to have hair physically in your salon.

Don’t you ship next day?

While we do ship out same day, (on orders placed before 3pm EST) shipping times fluctuate, and as much as we’d like to rely on the post office, you should never leave things up to chance when playing the shipping game of Russian roulette. Save yourself a lot of stress by keeping an inventory.

Why is it so important to keep an inventory of hair?

A lot of times, a standard maintenance appointment, turns into a, “can I add another bundle?” type of a situation. If you don’t have hair on hand you are losing money and leaving your client disappointed.

You might also have a client come in that has changed their mind on colour, maybe they decided they want an ombre look now, or they have coloured their hair the night before and it is different than the colour you ordered. If you don’t have the proper colour in stock you will have to turn them away.

Last but not least, do not assume we will have hair in stock all of the time.  Like most popular online brands, our most in demand colours/lengths go, and they go fast. We have hundreds of clients like you, as well as salons, and schools across Canada and the U.S, so to avoid disappointment, you need to stock up and keep a decent size inventory.

Consider this….

Think of it this way – Let’s say own a restaurant. Your patrons would stop coming or making reservations pretty fast, if you didn’t have any food or ingredients in the kitchen. And you wouldn’t take a reservation, and then order the food, you would have everything there for your entire menu, so no matter what your customer ordered, it would be ready to be cooked.

If you expect to run a successful business you need to treat it as a business and carry inventory.

What inventory should you carry?

Our recommendation for a minimum stock list, would be:

5 bundles (1 Head) of each:

  • #60 Platinum Blonde
  • #22 Light Ash Blonde
  • #22/5 Latte
  • #4/10 Medium Golden Brown
  • #4 Medium Brown
  • #2 Very Dark Brown
  • #1B Soft Black

A full stock list would be:

5 bundles (1 Head) Of Each:

  • #1003 Silver Blonde
  • #60 Platinum Blonde
  • #604 Bronde
  • #1001 Lightest Blonde
  • #602 Dirty Ash Blonde
  • #24 Golden Blonde
  • #22/5 Latte
  • #22 Light Ash Blonde
  • #18 Dirty Blonde
  • #10 Light Ash Brown
  • #8 Chestnut Brown
  • #4/10 Medium Golden Brown
  • #4 Medium Brown
  • #3 Dark Brown
  • #2 Very Dark Brown
  • #1B Soft Black
  • #1B/4 Espresso
  • #1 Black
  • #203 Ashy Brunette
  • Dark Ombre
  • Light Ombre

You should also consider having a full head (5 bundles) of #60 Platinum Blonde in the extra-long length of 26 inches, #602, #4, and #2 as they are becoming increasingly popular.

It may also be advantageous to keep in mind the time of the year. While brunettes still want extensions in the summer, you may find yourself in need of more lighter shades than dark. Keep an eye on trends like balayage, and other techniques as clients are going to request those.

Lets break it down…

Did you know we have a lucrative, bulk discount program? You can save 30% when ordering your inventory, resulting in a larger profit margin for you! Here is how it breaks down:

  • 1 Bundle = $ 75.95 (No Discount)
  • 1 Bundle = $ 60.76 (Professional Discount 20% applied)
  • 30 Bundles = $ 56.97/per bundle (Professional Discount + Bulk Discount (5%)
  • 50 Bundles = $ 53.17/per bundle (Professional Discount + Bulk Discount(10%)

To put that into dollar signs for you, think of it this way:

  • The cost of 5 bundles with your 20% discount is $303.80
    • if you are charging 100 per bundle your profit is $196.20
  • The cost of 5 bundles with the bulk discount is $265.85
    • if you are charging 100 per bundle your profit is $234.15

Even if it takes you 3 hours for a full head install, you would still be earning $78 an hour. Eventually, a full head install should take you an hour to an hour and a half meaning you would be earning anywhere from $156-$234.15 profit per hour. So yes – buying in bulk is an investment you need to make. The bulk discount is automatically applied to your shopping  cart in our online store, so just put in your trade discount code to receive the full discount amount. Hopefully this information is useful to you, if you have any questions, let us know!


Have a great hair day


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