Why are my Nano beads losing their colour?

You may have a client contact you wondering why their beads have turned to a gold metal colour or perhaps this has happened to yourself. There are a few reasons why this can happen. Lets explore those below.

Shampoo Additives

In most cases beads have their colour stripped off from an additive in your shampoo. Yes, even if you have an amazing, salon quality, big name, shampoo, with the highest approval ratings, that all the celebs use, this can still happen.  And it is no dis on the shampoo at all – we know there are super amazing shampoos out there (like in some of the Moroccan oil line) that have these additives.

Their purpose in shampoo ranges from to create a lather, or act as a thickening agent, or even to keep it from freezing during shipping. There are such small amount of these chemicals that they aren’t going to ruin your hair, by no means, however, there is enough to strip the paint off the beads after a few washes. If you notice this happening, or a client mentions it – that should be the very first thing that comes to mind.

Styling & Wear and Tear

Another cause of the paint chipping off the bead is the bead being hit with styling tools. Most styling tools are made of ceramic or some sort of metal plates.  Repeatedly hitting the beads with styling tools can cause some of the paint to chip away. You will want to discuss with your client the best way to style and to make sure they are avoiding hitting the beads.

Medication and Drugs

Another reason beads may change colour, is from chemicals being carried to the hair follicle through the bloodstream. Several medications, like antidepressants,  birth controls, and acne medications, can be the culprits of this, as can Vitamin A, and narcotics. These toxins are so potent, that they will not wash out, and in fact, hair follicle drug testing is a much more effective and reliable method than blood and/or urine testing (for drugs), and can detect toxins that have been in the follicle for months.






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