The Difference Between Straight and Wavy Hair Extensions

Wavy or Straight? That is the question…

If you are visiting this blog, you are probably wondering what the main differences between Hair Flair’s straight extensions and Hair Flair’s natural wavy extensions are. Both are excellent options however we want to make sure you know all the of the characteristics and benefits of both to help you make the most suitable choice.

If we are strictly talking the science behind it, the difference between wavy hair extensions and straight hair extensions is the shape of the shaft. Straight hair has a circular follicle shape where wavy hair grows out of an oval shaped follicle. Straight and wavy hair behave differently and therefore have different needs.

Straight Hair Extensions

Straight hair tends to have the most shine because the straight surface can reflect more light. Due to the of lack of curl, oil travels down the hair shaft from the scalp much faster, so it tends to look greasier than other hair types. Hair extensions can help slow down that oil flow and can promote a more even oil distribution.

Hair Flair’s Light Ombre,
Straight Nanolink Extensions

Our straight line of nanolink hair extensions are the highest quality of European human hair and are ethically sourced from paid donors. The hair’s cuticle is fully intact and contains no waxes or silicon – just pure natural hair. These extensions are suitable for those with a straighter type of hair but they aren’t limited to that. It is possible to install this type of extension on a wavier haired client, but they will need to spend time styling their natural hair into the extensions.

Our straight nanolinks are available in 28 shades in our 20 inch length and 11 shades in our 26 inch length.  

Wavy Hair Extensions

Hair Flair’s #60 Platinum Blonde, Natural
Wavy Nanolink Extensions

Wavy hair is a thicker texture compared to straight hair. Wavy texture falls somewhere in between straight and curly. The strands are curved in an “S” shape. Our wavy extensions are not considered “curly” and are not recommended for anyone with spiral or coiled curls. Wavy hair is not typically oily and does have the tendency to become dry and tangle.

Our natural wavy nanolink hair extensions use the highest quality, full-cuticle, Indian human hair available. It is ethically sourced and collected from temples across India. This is an incredibly rare hair type and Hair Flair is the only supplier in the world that carries a natural, non-chemical wavy nanolink extension. While most wavy or curled extensions are permed or chemically steamed, ours come from donors who have that wavy hair type naturally. This hair has a versatile natural bend, which provides volume and bounce. Just like the European nanolinks, these hair extensions have no waxes or silicon. This hair type requires plenty of moisture and hydration, in addition to heat protection, curl-enhancing products, and a gentle approach to drying and combing.

We recommend these extensions for anyone who already has a wave in their hair, if their hair is dry or if it is a bit frizzier. If your hair isn’t straight but isn’t “curly” these are going to perform amazingly well for you. If you have struggled with blending our straight extensions with your natural hair texture in the past, then our wavys are a great option for you as well.  If you like to wear your natural texture and want minimal styling (get up and go – let extensions air dry, scrunch them up with mousse), the wavy nanolink extensions are a great choice. It’s worth noting, that you can straighten or curl these extensions too. Once you wash them, they will go back to their natural wavy texture.  

Our wavy nanolinks come in seven of our most common shades within our 20 inch colour range.

For tips on how to take care of your wavy extensions, click here.

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