Why are my Nano beads losing their colour?

Our beads are very good quality, but you may every once in a while have a client mention their beads have turned gold – or perhaps you’ve had it happen to yourself. This is caused by the paint literally being stripped off the bead usually from an additive in your shampoo. Yes, even if you have an amazing, salon quality, big name, shampoo, with the highest approval ratings, that all the celebs use, this can still happen.  And it is no dis on the shampoo at all – we know there are super amazing shampoos out there (like in some of the Moroccan oil line) that have these additives.

Their purpose in shampoo ranges from to create a lather, or act as a thickening agent, or even to keep it from freezing during shipping. There are such small amount of these chemicals that they aren’t going to ruin your hair, by no means, however, there is enough to strip the paint off the beads after a few washes. If you notice this happening, or a client mentions it – that should be the very first thing that comes to mind. Especially since if it were a common problem (batch issue) on our end, it would be happening to everyone, not just one girl, every once in a while.


I did a quick experiment where I submerged half a dozen of our non-silicone nano beads into a container of acetone (nail polish remover), a container of water with purple shampoo, and one with water with hand soap. After an hour, nothing had happened so I left them overnight. By the next morning, all of the beads remained unscathed, in fact the only thing that happened was the acetone had eaten a hole through the plastic container and melted a bead into the jar yet beads remained exactly the same. Not a speck of paint had deteriorated.


Medications and Drugs
Another reason beads may change colour, is from chemicals being carried to the hair follicle through the bloodstream. Several medications, like antidepressants,  birth controls, and acne medications, can be the culprits of this, as can Vitamin A, and narcotics. These toxins are so potent, that they will not wash out, and in fact, hair follicle drug testing is a much more effective and reliable method than blood and/or urine testing (for drugs), and can detect toxins that have been in the follicle for months.


I hope this gives you a different perspective on why beads may lose their colour – and as always,

Have a great hair day

Why are my client’s nano links sliding out?

There is little doubt that nano links have been a revolution in the hair extension industry.  They have provided an alternative to old fashioned methods like; tape-in’s, weaves, fusions, etc. as a way of attaching hair extensions in a non-damaging way. Since they were originally developed for medical hair loss solutions, they were specifically engineered to accommodate the most brittle, and weak of hair, while remaining discrete and promoting healthy hair growth of the natural hair.

Attached using a tiny painted metal bead, the hair extension is secured to individual strands by clamping a section of natural hair.  The result is long lasting, discrete hair extensions that are comfortable to wear, safe for your natural hair, and easy to remove.


Nanos are usually a very secure method of hair extensions that also allow clients to care for and style their hair however they chose to: high ponytails, braids, updo’s, and because of the quality of Hair Flair’s hair, even perming the hair is an option. For all of these reasons and many more, are what makes them such a popular choice, however as with any kind of beauty or hair treatment there can be the odd exception to this rule. It’s important for you to understand the possible cause and solution to help better deal with clients.

Slippage is one of the most common issues that you may come across. Here are the causes and solutions to most of these issues.


Lets cover some of the top reasons why your clients nano might be sliding out



We all tell our clients during their consults that they are to come in with clean, dry, hair, on the day of their appointment, but we sometimes forget to tell them to avoid using conditioner. (They can on their ends, but not where the beads will sit.) Most conditioners contain silicone: it is the silicone in the product that gives hair its soft, shiny, and easy to manage texture, but since it coats the hair in a very fine layer, it can certainly cause the beads to slide easier than if the hair is bare and clean.

Not using enough of the client’s natural hair in the bead

This is a very common cause of the extensions falling out prematurely. Ensuring that you have enclosed enough of your clients hair is not only key to making sure the bead stays in place, it is ensures that there is enough natural hair to support the weight of the hair extension.  It is not “easy” to thread the bead into the hair. If it is sliding on easy for you, you are likely not using enough hair. As a general rule the thinner the hair the more you will want to pull into a bead.

Silicone Beads

We know a lot of you use our silicone lined nano beads, and that’s fine as long as you understand they A) can’t hold as much natural hair because the silicone fills up a portion of the bead, and B) silicone’s are slippery (think of other products that have silicone in them; non- stick cookware, hair oils, personal lubricants etc.) So if you can work with non-silicone nano beads, you should.

beads with descrip

Not clamping down hard enough with your pliers

Another thing I have noticed is girls will unintentionally clamp the beads onto the bond too lightly. Because it is unintentional, you may not know you’re doing it until a client mentions more are falling out than expected.


When is it the clients fault?

If you straight up ask your client if they have used conditioner, or oils, around the bonds, or have washed their hair too much, or have brushed their hair too rigorously, etc., they will feel on the defense and assure they have done nothing wrong. Instead, ask them about their aftercare routine without giving them any indication of what the right or wrong answer is. If they are in the chair, ask them to show you how they brush their hair. Ask them when they condition, do they start at the scalp and work their way down? (because they should not be applying to their scalp at all) Ask how long it is left on for. This way they are a lot more likely to be honest with you then if they feel like they have a finger pointed at them.

Excess Oil

In the very rare occasion, it may not be the fault of your installation, nor the client’s aftercare routine. Sometimes our clients may just plain have too much natural oil. Often, extensions can help better distribute these oils because there is now more hair to accommodate the oil with.  Sometimes though, the excess oil sitting on the client’s hair can cause the hair extensions to not hold very well at all.  This is going to cause inevitable slippage that your client will be disappointed with, especially if they were not pre warned. You can advise your client to use a dry shampoo on their roots to help control the oil between washes.


Have a great hair day

Hair Extension Inventory

Do I need to keep an inventory?

Aside from the cost of taking the course, the biggest investment you need to make is that of a decent inventory. Yes, need.

In a perfect world, a client comes in, you match them with your colour ring, and they agree to come back in about two weeks for their appointment. Then you log on to shop.hairflair.ca, you purchase your extensions, and they arrive a week before the client is due to come back.

Now in reality, the client has probably messaged several other people looking for A) a good price, and B) an appointment. Because once girls commit in their minds that they are willing to invest in extensions, excitement sets in and they want them now.  You need to have hair physically in your salon.

Don’t you ship next day?

While we do ship out same day, (on orders placed before 3pm EST) shipping times fluctuate, and as much as we’d like to rely on the post office, you should never leave things up to chance when playing the shipping game of Russian roulette. Save yourself a lot of stress by keeping an inventory.

Why is it so important to keep an inventory of hair?

A lot of times, a standard maintenance appointment, turns into a, “can I add another bundle?” type of a situation. If you don’t have hair on hand you are losing money and leaving your client disappointed.

You might also have a client come in that has changed their mind on colour, maybe they decided they want an ombre look now, or they have coloured their hair the night before and it is different than the colour you ordered. If you don’t have the proper colour in stock you will have to turn them away.

Last but not least, do not assume we will have hair in stock all of the time.  Like most popular online brands, our most in demand colours/lengths go, and they go fast. We have hundreds of clients like you, as well as salons, and schools across Canada and the U.S, so to avoid disappointment, you need to stock up and keep a decent size inventory.

Consider this….

Think of it this way – Let’s say own a restaurant. Your patrons would stop coming or making reservations pretty fast, if you didn’t have any food or ingredients in the kitchen. And you wouldn’t take a reservation, and then order the food, you would have everything there for your entire menu, so no matter what your customer ordered, it would be ready to be cooked.

If you expect to run a successful business you need to treat it as a business and carry inventory.

What inventory should you carry?

Our recommendation for a minimum stock list, would be:

5 bundles (1 Head) of each:

  • #60 Platinum Blonde
  • #22 Light Ash Blonde
  • #10 Light Ash Brown
  • #4 Medium Brown
  • #2 Very Dark Brown
  • #1 Black

A full stock list would be:

5 bundles (1 Head) Of Each:

  • #60 Platinum Blonde
  • #1001 Lightest Blonde
  • #602 Dirty Ash Blonde
  • #24 Golden Blonde
  • #22 Light Ash Blonde
  • #10 Light Ash Brown
  • #8 Chestnut Brown
  • #5 Medium Ash Brown
  • #4 Medium Brown
  • #3 Dark Brown
  • #2 Very Dark Brown
  • #1B Soft Black
  • #1 Black,
  • Dark Burgundy
  • Dark Ombre
  • Light Ombre

You should also consider having a full head (5 bundles) of #60 Platinum Blonde in the extra-long length of 26 inches, and #2 in the extra-long length of 26 inches as they are becoming increasingly popular.

It may also be advantageous to keep in mind the time of the year. While brunettes still want extensions in the summer, you may find yourself in need of more lighter shades than dark.

Lets break it down…

Did you know we have a lucrative, bulk discount program? You can save 30% when ordering your inventory, resulting in a larger profit margin for you! Here is how it breaks down:

  • 1 Bundle = $ 69.95 (No Discount)
  • 1 Bundle = $ 55.96 (Professional Discount 20% applied)
  • 30 Bundles = $ 53.16/per bundle (Professional Discount + Bulk Discount (5%)
  • 50 Bundles = $ 50.47/per bundle (Professional Discount + Bulk Discount(10%)

To put that into dollar signs for you, think of it this way: with your trade discount:

  • The cost of 5 bundles with your 20% discount is $279.80
    • if you are charging 100 per bundle your profit is $220.20
  • The cost of 5 bundles with the bulk discount is $252.35
    • if you are charging 100 per bundle your profit is $247.65

The bulk discount is automatically applied to your shopping  cart in our online store, so just put in your trade discount code to receive the full discount amount. Hopefully this information is useful to you, if you have any questions, let us know!

Have a great hair day


Can I Colour my Hair Extensions?

Something we are constantly being asked is, “can I colour my hair extensions?” The answer is yes…and no. Our Premium line of European extensions are of the upmost quality: True remy, 100% cuticle intact, real human hair, so the integrity is bar none.

When you process any hair, it negatively effects the hairs integrity, and the same rings true with our hair extensions. So it should come as no surprise that we don’t recommend it. Can it be done? Absolutely. In most cases it’ll turn out fine, but should always be done at your own discretion, and for this reason we cannot guarantee the hair if you decide to alter it. Instead, we suggest if you want highlights or lowlights to add a bundle of extensions in the colour you want. This way you are not over processing your hair and still getting the same result.

Can I highlight my hair with Extensions?

Highlighting -hair-with-extensions
It is not recommended to highlight the extensions (as we’ve already mentioned,) however If you are touching up your own highlights, it is best to just get them in your crown and a few around your hairlines. Extensions are covering a large portion of your hair so it’s better to not highlight that area and let your natural hair grow out healthy. If you are adamant that you want your full head highlighted, the best route is to take your extensions out and have your entire head highlighted, then have your extensions put back in.

Can I add low lights to my hair with extensions?

You can add lowlights into the extensions, just try to avoid the bond. The extensions are quite porous and will suck up the colour quickly, so keep an eye on them.

Can I tone hair extensions?


In most cases, toning your extensions is the best option if you just want a slight colour change. It is not as harsh as fully processing the extensions with a colour treatment. If you are applying toner to your entire head make sure that you rinse the bond area very well and dry the bond area immediately. Click here to read our blog for step-by-step- instructions on how to do this.

Can I get my roots touched up with hair extensions in?


When touching up your roots, try to colour the areas that you can visibly see. (crown and hairlines.) The rest of your hair is covered by extensions, so won’t be very noticeable. If you feel that you need the roots done on your entire head, the best option is to take out the extensions and do a full root colour, then reinstall the extensions. Another option, if your stylist is comfortable doing this, is to have them slowly work through your head (with the extensions in) and apply colour to the regrowth only. It is important not to get colour on the bonds and make sure they are using a gentle colour.

Colouring Extensions Recap
  1. Depositing colour is recommended, and bleaching (or lifting) is not recommended
  2. Do it at your own risk, and don’t get colour on the bonds as it can cause the bonds to breakdown faster than they normally would.
  3. Go to a professional to ensure no colour is touching the bonds and that a quality product is used.


Have a great hair day


Purple Shampoo and Hair Extensions

Purple shampoo, the staple product for all of you beautiful blondes. With those icy tones trending big time, a good purple shampoo is a MUST and it’s all about the pigment.

What is purple shampoo?

If you are a blonde you should know what purple shampoo is and if you don’t, you’ve been missing out. Purple shampoo is used to make blonde hair ashier ( think more grey or silver and less yellow). You may think why do I need this? But if you have ever coloured your hair blonde you may have noticed that when it was freshly done the blonde was a perfect cool ashy blonde. But with time your blonde faded to a yellow blonde that you weren’t so fond of. Well purple shampoo can help your hair from turning the dreaded yellow colour and keep it nice and ashy if that’s the look you desire.

Using purple shampoo on your hair extensions

Can purple shampoo be used on extensions? Well yes of course but there are a few things you need to know beforehand.

  1. Keep in mind that purple shampoo isn’t intended for daily use. Wash your hair with purple shampoo once a week or whenever your hair needs it, and keep using your regular shampoo between uses.
  2. Hair extensions are very porous, so purple shampoo will deposit fast. That means that you shouldn’t leave the shampoo on too long otherwise your blonde can turn grey.  Apply shampoo liberally to your hair and let it sit for 1 to 5 minutes. If your hair is very yellow, let the purple shampoo sit for about 5-7 minutes. If it still isnt the colour you want then apply again. Rinse your hair with luke warm, or cool water. This will close the cuticle of the hair, sealing in the colour and leaving hair smoother and shinier.
  3. Overuse of purple shampoo can have damaging effects on hair extension bonds. Dont use it too regularly and try to keep it away from the bonds and just use it on the lengths of your extensions. Below is an example of a hair extension bond that has been weakened and is breaking down because of the overuse of purple shampoo.can-i-use-purple-shampoo-on-hair-extensions
  4. Make sure your purple shampoo is sulfate free and a professional line. Purple shampoo can be very drying and using a cheap brand will not only wreck your bonds but also dry out your extensions.
What if your hair extensions turn grey or purple?

In the event your extensions soaked up too much of the pigment, another wash or two with a clarifying shampoo will remove the excess purple, keeping in mind clarifying shampoo isn’t necessarily healthy for your hair either, so try and avoid getting yourself into that situation.

Pre-applying purple shampoo to hair extensions

Most hair extension colours are naturally warm (yellow) so you may want to pre purple shampoo the extensions before installing them. Here are a few tips if you want to apply purple shampoo to extensions before they are installed.

  1. Start off by making sure the extensions are bundled, brushed out, and have some sort of protection around the bond area. In the picture below you’ll see one bundle of Hair Flair Extensions nano links in #60, platinum blonde. We have secured the bond area with a paper towel held in place with an elastic band.


applying-purple-shampoo-to-extensions-before-application2. Fill your sink or wash station with a few inches of hot water and pour the purple shampoo into the hot water. Mix up the shampoo in the water until there are no clumps of shampoo and the water and shampoo is mixed thoroughly. Keep your extensions bundled and just swirl the hair through water. This will allow the colour to deposit evenly from root to end.Image-Purple-shampoo-hair-extensions-mix

3. Once you achieve a colour that you like rinse the shampoo off to see what the underlying colour is. If you are not happy with it, put the bundle back in the purple shampoo. Repeat this until you are happy with the colour after washing away the purple shampoo. The longer you do this/ leave the hair in the water, more product will be deposited in the extensions. It doesn’t take long for them to go from icy blonde, to purplish – grey, so keep an eye on them.


Regular Hair Flair bundle of #60 on the left, toned bundle of Hair Flair #60 to the right.



What purple shampoo should I use?

When it comes to purple shampoo, money talks. Professional and salon brands are going to give you better results, so keep this in mind when you make your purchase. Some blondes swear by locking it in with a purple conditioner, however, as the purple shampoo does most of the work, we think it’s OK to use any conditioner you like. Check out our recommendations for purple shampoo here


have a great hair day


5 Keys to a successful hair extension business

Are you ready to start your own business? A hair extension business can be very rewarding both financially and emotionally. Not only can you work from home and make money but most importantly you are providing a service that can change a womens life. That might sound ridiculous at first but think about how you would feel if all of a sudden you started balding, your hair started falling out in clumps and you couldnt go out in public without feeling extremely self concious and embarassed. Then imagine that you find someone that can give you your confidence back, they are reassuring that its a common problem and not to worry because in an hour or two you will be loving your hair again and that you dont have to worry anymore.

1. Do it for the right reasons.

When running a hair extension business the most important factor to remember is that its not about you, its about giving the best possible service and product to your customer. They are relying on your expertise, your professionalism, and your experience. If your one of those people that is just looking for the cheapest hair so you can maximize your profit than read no furthur because this article isnt for you. This is written for people who understand the value of quality and customer service and building the foundation for a long lasting business.

2. Invest in training.

All great hair extension artists start out with a great training program. If you want to be successful you need to invest in training. Do your research. Find a company that supports its students, and most importantly offers great quality extensions. Even if you are an amazing extension artist, if you are using cheap hair your customers wont stick around and you’ll gain a bad reputation. Do you want to be the dollarstore of extensions or a company known for great service and quality. By offering great quality hair your customers wont be able to go anywhere else.

3. Set yourself up for success

Like with any business you need to invest in setting up your business. This means investing in tools and a basic stock of hair to get you going. A big mistake alot of people make when starting out is just buying the tools and extensions as needed. Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering a meal and after taking your order the chef has to run to the grocery store to get the supplies. That seems ridiculous doesnt it? As a responsible business owner you should have supplies on hand so you can serve your clients better. It looks much more professional if you have hair on hand that you can show potential customers. You may also cater to last minute clients and upsell adding more hair during a regular maintenace appointment.

4. Be prepared to work hard and continually learn

One of the biggest mistakes I see from students is they take training and are so excited to start, they start taking clients before they are ready. After you complete training you should continue to practice on your mannequin head and friends until you build up speed, your sections are perfect and you have memorized your training materials. We often get questions from students that are covered in the training materials and that is not acceptable. If its covered in training materials you should know it like the back of your hand. That means you should review your materials as many times as necessary. After that you should continue to educate yourself by reading blogs (like this one) and actively searching out new resources materials to learn from.

5. Learn how to market yourself

To be successful in any business you need to learn some basic marketing skills. Learning how to market yourself will help to bring in a continual stream of customers. Marketing really isn’t as scary as it seems and once you start doing it you’ll wonder why you never did it before. We have complied a few articles to get you going in the hair extension business portion of this blog so make sure to look at those. There is also thousands of free marketing courses and resources online.

have a great hair day

Hair Contouring

Hair Contouring with Hair Extensions

Hair Contouring 101

It’s hard to say when contouring really started, but today, many makeup artists credit the legendary Max Factor, for coining the contouring term as well as the technique. Now-a-days, because of celebs like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West, pretty much everyone is familiar with the miracle that is facial contouring. We use shading and highlighting on the skin to accentuate/manipulate the structure of something, for example the cheekbones. Women worldwide are now using contouring as a way to transform themselves, but this blog isn’t about make-up; it’s about hair contouring using Hair Extensions!

Hair contouring is much of the same idea as facial contouring – its goal is to compliment your face shape and work with your skin tone. It uses a specific and accurate freehand approach to highlighting/shadowing your hair in distinct areas. Depending on your face shape, you can have your stylist target specific areas, or create an all over effect – easily achievable with the use of our hair extensions, and placing them strategically for that contoured effect!

Round & Square Shaped Faces


The Goal: Create a more elongated face shape.

Using Colour: We suggest applying lighter shades nearer to the roots and ends of your hair, and darker shades along the sides. This will create the illusion of a lengthened face with a better defined cheekbone and jawline area.

Using Hair Extensions if you have a rounder face you will want to elongate it. The best way to do this is buy adding length. Adding longer hair will elongate the face and make your face appear thinner.

Diamond, Oblong & Rectangular Shaped Faces

hair-contouring-for-long-face-shapes-diamond-oblong-rectangularThe Goal: We want to “widen” the face.

Using Colour: To create this illusion, you will need darker tones to the roots and nearer the chin/jawline, and lighter sections close to the ear height. By doing this contour trick, the sides of the face will appear wider and fuller, creating that perfect oval shape.

Using Extensions: You want to add extension more in the sides and temples to create more volume around the face. You can use some lighter pieces of extensions around the face to create the illusion of a wider face shape. Dont add really long extensions as it will elongate the face more, you will want to stay with a medium length style.

Triangle & Heart Shaped Faces

hair-contouring-for-people-with-heart-or-triangular-shaped-facesThe Goal: Minimize the forehead, widen the jawline

Using Colour: These face shapes are much wider at the forehead, and pointier towards the chin. We recommend applying dark colours near the crown, with lighter shades outlining the edge of the face. This will help create the effect of a narrower forehead. We can soften a pointy chin by using lighter hair at the ends. This is the perfect face shape for ombre or a balayage effect. This can be achieved by adding ombre extensions like these.

Using Extensions: Place most of the extensions in the lower portion of the head and do not add any in the temple region or crown region. Add the bulk of the extensions so it sits at the chin line and below.

have a great hair day

How to build speed and get faster at installing hair extensions

Something you should always consider is how fast you are at installing, performing maintenance, and removing extensions. No client wants to spend 5 hours getting her extensions maintained and the longer you take the less money you are able to make. You may also lose clients if they know there is someone else faster than you.
It does take experience and focus to build speed so when your first starting out its more important that you concentrate on proper sectioning and blending. Once you have a few heads under your belt proper sectioning should be second nature to you and then you can start focusing on becoming quicker.

We have compiled our top 5 tips on how to build speed.

1. Have your client pass you the hair extensions.
Its so simple to give your client the hair extensions and pass them to you one at a time. This becomes very useful when your mixing colours as you can tell your client to pass you one light blonde than two medium blondes. Then you are not trying to remember which colour your on and you dont have to fuss with picking up one extension at a time. Another positive is that it gives the client something to do and in turn will make the appointment go faster for the as well.

2. Hold all your tools in one hand and don’t put them down between each extension. When I’m installing nanolinks I will hold the pliers, the loop tool and the extension all in one hand. This saves me considerable time. If you are finding it too hard you can try hooking your pliers on your shirt or pants or have a trolley very close by to put it on. The less time you spend fiddling with your tools the quicker you’ll become


3. Use prebeaded speed threaders Before your client arrives you should have all your beads already threaded and ready to go. We have prebeaded threaders available which you can get here. Or you can thread your own at home. I always have at least 4 threaders in each bead colour ready. Your client doesn’t need to sit there while you thread beads



4. Focus  The biggest error I see with new extension artists is that they lose focus when talking to their client. As soon as they start talking their speed drops way down. Of course you want to be friendly and engaging in conversation but you need to multitask and stay focused on what your doing.

5. Practice Even if you dont have paying clients yet you should be practicing on your mannequin head daily. And even once you start doing clients there may be days in between services, you should use these days off to practice building speed. The more you practice the faster youll become and soon you wont have to even think about what your doing it will become second nature to you.


With every appointment you should time yourself and aim to get quicker and quicker. Once you know how long each service takes it will make scheduling appointments much easier. Take a look below to see how your time matches up with our suggested time frames.

You should aim for the following times:

NanoLink and Microlink Times
A full head installation (5 bundles) 1-1.5 hour
Half head install (3 bundles) 45 mins to an hour
Removal 30-45 mins
Touch ups can range depending on if you need to retip or detangle hair but should never take more than 2 hours

Fusion extension time goals
Full head 2-2.5 hours
Half head install 1-1.5 hours
Removal 30 mins to an hour


have a great hair day



5 signs that Nano Extensions Need Retipping

Its common that after extensive wear the nanolink bond will eventually start to break down.  It is important as a hair extension technician to identify when a bond is starting to breakdown. We have compiled a list that will let you know if a bond needs retipping.

5 Signs that a nano bond needs retipping:
  1. Has the bond turned white (easy to tell in dark hair)what-are-the-signs-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped
  2. Is the hair fraying from the top of the bondtips-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped
  3. Is the bond disintegrating and not fully sealedtips-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped
  4. Is the client complaining that the hair is shedding a lottips-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped
  5. Is the metal post wobbly and not being held in strongly by the bondtips-that-nano-bonds-need-to-be-retipped

If you notice any of these conditions it should alert you that you need to retip the bond before reinstalling the extension. If you need to know how to properly retip a nano extension you can read how to do so here.

How to Retip Nano Extensions

An important skill to learn as a hair extension technician, is how to re-tip nano-link  hair extensions so that they can be used for multiple fittings. When hair extensions are looked after correctly by following all of the recommended advice provided by you to the client, our European hair extensions can last for months and months, sometimes even years. It is at this point that is becomes very helpful to understand how to re-tip hair extensions.

Why do we need to re-tip?

When hair extensions are worn for long periods of time, the bond will eventually begin to break down long before the hair itself needs replacing. They start to split and become soft, allowing water and product to enter as the seal has been broken.

Your client may start noticing the extensions are shedding more.This is an important clue that the extensions need retipping. It is important to retip at THE FIRST SIGNS OF BREAKDOWN. Don’t wait until the bond is almost completely broken down as it may be too far gone to fix it.

The top reasons why the extension bonds will break down are:
1. Excessive washing-especially using purple shampoo
2. Colouring or processing the extensions
3. Getting oil or products on the bonds
4. Keeping the bonds wet for long periods of time


Benefits of re-tipping

As mentioned before, the main benefit of re-tipping hair extensions is that 9 times out of 10 there is nothing wrong with the hair itself; it is a cost effective way of making the most of your hair extensions. By re-tipping the hair extensions you are essentially starting fresh with a new reinforced tip that will stay in place for a number of extra months until you decide to change the hair for a brand new set.

TIP: You only need to retip the extensions that are breaking down.

How do I re-tip?

To re-tip a nano-link hair extension, you will need a fusion heat gun. If you took the master course you would have one included in your kit, if not you can buy one here.

Step 1: Use the heat gun to melt down the bond and make it flat. Make sure you are melting down the entire bond and DO NOT PULL OUT THE METAL LOOP. If you do pull out metal loop you will have to put it back in the center of the flattened bond.step1

Step 2: With the bond still hot, roll the flattened bond into a tube. Use as much force as you can as the bond needs to be as tight and hard as possible. The top of the bond should be sealed, meaning that there shouldn’t be a hole where the loop is coming out. Its ok to remelt the bond and try again if it is not properly rolled and sealed the first time. It’s also not a bad idea to further reinforce the bond be coating it with a clear sealant and then light curing it. (a shellac clear coat will work)step 2

And voila! The bond should be secure and ready to use again. Do you have any questions? We would love to hear them.step3

have a great hair day