Why you shouldn’t sleep with wet hair when you have hair extensions

Can I sleep with wet hair when I have hair extensions?

The answer is NO.  Sleeping with wet hair extensions can cause a few problems that you will want to avoid. Lets cover what sleeping with wet hair extensions can do to your hair and your extensions.

1. Sleeping with wet hair extensions can cause tangling and matting


If you go to bed with your extensions wet or even damp, you are going to cause a big problem at the root. When you sleep you tend to toss and turn and this means that your root area is being rubbed back and forth. This causes the root area to become intertwined and results in matting.  Once matting occurs there is nothing you can do but go back to your extension stylist to have the extensions removed and the area brushed out.

2. It will be difficult to brush


You will wake up with unruly hair and possibly matted roots that can be much more difficult to brush. You will start brushing your hair more aggressively and not gently, like recommended. The likelihood of the extensions causing your natural hair and scalp damage goes up substantially since you would be a lot more likely to brush your hair more aggressively causing ripping and pulling.

3. Your hair extension bonds will breakdown quicker


Bonds, left damp will absorb extra moisture, and begin to break down prematurely. This means the investment you made in hair extensions you had expected to last for months, and months, is needing to be replaced sooner.

Moral of the story – go to sleep with dry hair. If you normally wash your hair at night, but don’t think you will have time to dry it properly before bed, just spray it generously with some dry shampoo and leave it in while you sleep. Even if your hair still looks oily in the morning, it is better than dealing with matted hair extensions.

have a great hair day

How to Perm Hair Extensions

In this article we are going to cover how to perm Hair Flair extensions. It is critically important that you only perm hair extensions that are very high quality! Perming low quality extensions will destroy the hair, leaving it dry, frizzy and unmanageable.

This is a great testament to the high quality that Hair Flair’s premium extensions offers stylists: not only can you colour our hair, but it can be safely permed without compromising its integrity!

One of our naturally curly clients wanted the occasional option of air drying her hair. Her hair is quite curly, so we chose to wrap her extensions in a purple rod and we used an ISO perm solution in Number 1.

To start, ensure that the bundles are totally saturated with water. You want the hair to be wet when wrapping the perm rods.

We used 3-4 rods per bundle (25 pieces).

Saturate each rod with the waving solution, using about 2 strokes per rod.

Avoid getting the solution on the bonds of the extensions.

Bag the extensions and allow them to process.

Follow processing time as directed. This particular perm took 20 minutes.

After processing, rinse the rods with hot water. DO NOT REMOVE THE RODS!

Lay the rods on a dry clean towel and blot the extensions with paper towel until all of the moisture is removed.

Follow up with the neutralizer solution. This is going to seal the cuticle and allow it to form to the size and curl of the rod.

Allow the solution to process as directed. This particular solution was 5 minutes.

After you have allowed the neutralizer to process you can remove the rods and perm papers.

You can then rinse and shampoo gently. Using a professional sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is always recommended.

Allow the hair to air dry or use the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer.

Even with a perm, you still have the option to blow dry straight or chose a styling tool of your choice.